Oh how i feel about this post…”Winning” moment💃💃 does Zara ever disappoint tho? I don’t think so, well at least so far, for me the answer will definitely be a no it doesn’t. 

When looking for a staple pecies in your wordrobe, Zara is definitely the store you should consider visiting. 

Why am I going on & on about “Zara” you ask? (maybe you didn’t really ask but, lets just pretend you did anyway😉)… I have been on a hunt for a mini skirt that peeks my attention from the get go, you know when you see that one item that is a must have in your wardrobe? And thats exactly what I experienced when I saw this faux leather mini skirt.

It wasn’t just about the classic “leather mini skirt” but it has a floral embroidery detail on it that was done so beautifully. Which is also a popular trend currently. 



Did I also mention I got this beauty on sale and it was the last of it’s kind at the store I was buying it from? And it was my size and the perfect fit. Can I just say match made in Zara! 😁 

We are currently shifting into the colder season however, I will have another blog post showing you how you can transition this skirt into a weather appropriate wear. Stay tuned! 


Mini Skirt: ZARA


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ZARA BASICS |Embroidered Mini Skirt Styling
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