Almost every time before I take a picture, some type of thought and planing goes on to the outfit that I pick and of course location, camera…you know the deal. 

However, this time around it was the total opposite and the more realistic version of what I would wear (what I wore) as a casual outfit.

A little peep into my day…I was out to get to an appointment that I have and run a couple of errands after. I wasn’t planning on taking a picture let alone to make it into something worthy of a blog post. But in a spur the moment thing I got a few pictures taken with my phone and now here we are☺

I have to say it is somewhat refreshing to do it this way VS a carefully planned out “casual” outfit look. 

This #ShoeDazzle heels have been on the for front of my go to footwear for a while now. I love the fact that they have chunky and a reasonable hight of heel. If I am not mistaken they are about 3 inches high. They will make you look and feel put together and your feet will thank you at the end of the day!👌

I also styled this shoe with a little bit more “dressy” dress on another blog post. Click here for more on that. 


What does your go to out and about outfit consist of? I would love to know. Leave your comments down below 

Thanks for checking out this blog post, have a blessed day!


◻Hat: Ardens

◻Black t-shirt & Jeans: got them yearssss ago i am not quite sure where

◻Shoe: ShoeDazzel 



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