In this post I will share with you how I easily made my very own full body lenght mirror with #Dollarstore and #HomeDepot products so you can also make one for your home. 

It is so easy and affordable to make you have got to check it out 

➡Here is What you need to make your very own Full Length Mirror 

🔘 (12) Dollar Store Mirror 

🔘 Half an inch Wide Wood pannel (Home Depot)

🔘 1 Duct Tape

🔘 1 Lepage No More Nails Construction Adhesive (Home Depot)

🔘 Black aclyric paint from Dollar Store


⬆⇒The half an inch wide wood pannel should look like this

Length: 56 Inchs

Width: 32.5 Inchs

Thickness/wide: 0.5 inch

✨Once it’s done it will look like this✨Don’t forget to check out that hexagon shaped copper Lipstick storage diy also. 

If you want to see a video tutorial,

Check out the step by step tutorial below⬇


▶Inspire & Be Inspired◀

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Wall Leaning Mirror | Make Your Own Selfie Mirror
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