Cool point ➡Made out of Aluminium paper roll, and did i mention how EAZY it is to make one? Check it out for yourself

See How it is made

We all use aluminium foil for our day to day cooking or for other purposes. So why throw out the roll that the foil is wraped on after, when we can make something so beautiful and multi-purpose out of it. 

Here i will show you how to make a liquid lipstick storage or home decor peice. 

What you can use it for is up to you. Me personally, I like to exchange the use both as a storage and decor peice. Some of you may know if you have had a chance to see it in the background of my YouTube videos 

Make one for yourself 💁Here is a step by step #tutorial 

✨Inspire & Be Inspired✨

DIY: Makeup Storage|Copper Décor|
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