Hello everyone! I wanted to do a little different feature style on my blog this time around, I wanted to present it as an interview along with some of the pictures that I took so you all can get a better idea of who the person I am featuring is. So without further a due, here it goes questions followed by the answers. Enjoy!

1. What is your blog’s name?

⇒ My blog’s name is trulyoma…. http://trulyoma.wordpress.com/ 

2. What is your blog about? What kind of things do you blog about?

⇒ “It’s all about fashion, lifestyle, motivation, beauty tips and health. I believe you could curate your fashion style with your life style and not be boring.”

3. For new visitors that don’t know about your blog, What do you want your new readers/viewers to know about you?

⇒ “Fashion isn’t about the clothes, it’s about who wears the clothes, about me, it’s just how I keep my fashion, sophisticated ,simple, classy and elegant you don’t have to be overdressed to be seen. Less is more. I am easy going motivated individual who enjoys fashion.”

4. Do you have a favourite clothing brand?

⇒ “Yes I do have some favourite brands; to mention a few, Zara, Hm, forever21, urbanplanet I totally love their denim Jean, Aldo, and little of Michael Korrs. I could go on and on but here is a few ;).”

5. What is the main message for your readers that they can get by reading or viewing your blog?

⇒ “Basically is more motivational how to style your cloth even if you don’t have much. You don’t have to be a fashionista to look good. “Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside 


6. Is there a blog or a blogger that you love to follow that you think deserves to be featured on http://www.thewaysabastyles.com ? If yes, please leave their web address please.

⇒ “I love some bloggers and vloggers too, beautybyjj, Shirleyeniang, and host of others.”

|Forever21 – Top, Pants| ♦|Atmosphere – Shoe|♦ |Michael Korrs – Watch| ♦|Bag- Givenchy|♦ |Earrings – Gift from my sister don’t know|


⇒Do You want to know more or get in touch with Oma? here are her social media links∞

My Instagram ↔ trulyoma
My facebook is my middle name ↔ Henrietta Efeadue.
Tumblr ↔ oma.e
Twitter ↔ mizzhetty


Photo Credit: thewaysabastyles.com / Goldenpoise


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