At the beginning of this month, I had an opportunity to attend and model for an amazing and talented emerging fashion designer Jeffery Fudjoe. The show turned out to be better than what I expected and I had a fabulous time. So let me give you guys a glimpse of what Jeffery’s collection looked like and other designer’s collection that caught my eyes as well.

↑ Inside the venue before the beautiful storm hit

The man of the hour : Designer Jeffery Fudjoe

Jeffery and I were friends before this fashion show but during the creation process I have to say I got a chance to know him like never before. I learned how hardworking, creative and patient he is because he was also joggling school, work and other things while working on his  designs. More than anything, while he is in his element i noticed that he cared a lot about how his models felt in his cloth, he asks and listens to his models request in his designs. He didn’t just say “this is what I created, so this is what you are wearing or this is how you have to look like” As a result, it made us feel so comfortable and we actually loved what we wore. This I believe is who he is and is the best designer quality on his future ventures with his clients.

In my opinion and from what I heard other people say, his designs are not just for the runway only, they are very practical. The items are something you can also wear to the office, night out or for a special event. To describe his collection in short, they are Fun, Fabulous, Flirty & Functional. Me personally, although it was a plunging neckline top (see picture below↓) I still felt comfortable to wear his design. At the end of the night, i really wanted to take that unique top home with me because i loved it so much i can’t lie but of course I didn’t, I have manners lol

jeff collect plazzo

I wish you all the best in your future and I am proud of what you have accomplished my friend. Hard work pays off and you have a bright future a head of you so keep up the good work Jeffery!

If you like what you see Please contact designer Jeffery Fudjoe, and for more pictures checkout his Instagram page

Instagram : @jefferyfudjoe

Other Amazing designers 

These other designers are also worth mentioning, I enjoyed geeking over their designs and the show they put together.

Designer: Adam Lin Bungag


Designer: Carlie-Jean Finch

Designer: Ajani Carter and Kel Dumana


Photo Credit: Mike Wu Photography , thank you!

→Facebook page:


I edited some of the pictures to fit this blog post as well


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VEDS | Vancouver’s Emerging Designers Show | Jeffery Fudjoe Collection

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