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Hello everyone! this section of my blog is where I feature fellow #fashion #beauty# lifestyle #bloggers so we all can get the exposure/ help each other out in the process.

Without further a due I am so exited to present the very first fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger http://iamamomsowhat.com for you all today. yayee:)

This blogger happens to be one of my very close best friends and her name is Eyerusalem. Ever since I have known her her style game has always been ON POINT! she has a great sense of style which I have always admired and looked up to. She also has a beautiful baby girl who you just look at and fall in love with and she loves fashion just as much as her mommy:)


Its not only her fashion sense that she is good at but also she is a hard worker. No matter how much task she has to do as a mom, she still manages to pull off everything while looking outstanding. I am proud of her and I am glad to see that her baby girl is taking after her mommy.

I am sure we can learn something form this awesome mommy blogger.

Please go check out her blog  & follow her life & style journey⇒

Blog :  http://iamamomsowhat.com
Instagram : Ethio90


FEATURING “iamamomsowhat.com”

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Eyerusalem Gezaw

Thank you so much Sab. It meant the world to me for making me the first person to be futured. Your blog looks amazingggg. I love it and keep up the good works.

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