Have you been looking around for the best kind of make-up brushes but you still want to spend your money wisely ? Well you have come to the right place, I was also searching around for the #best #makeup #brushes to get without breaking the bank and have finally found one. So here it is…


Name: Dragon Pad 11 Pcs Make-up Brush set with a Bamboo Handle 

The brushes are made out of #syntheticfiber #taklon bristles meaning they are animal cruelty free brushes but the bristles are very soft when applying products on. I saw hardly any shedding of the bristles up on washing them. They also absorb the products and are able to help you apply your face products as easy as 1,2,3… I got them on #amazon just for $11.99 PLUS it came with free shipping. can we say awesome deal! πŸ™‚ Hands down the best set of brushes personally. Also according to other peoples review, they were even compared to high end brush sets like the Sigma and Bh brushes and most consumers found them to be even better. Not only for the quality but for the price as well and I couldn’t agree more.



| In order of Left to right |

  1. Foundation Brush

  2. Powder Brush

  3. Complexion Brush

  4. Flat Foundation Brush / Concealer Brush

  5. Blending Brush for precise blending

  6. Kabuki brush


| Left to right |

  1. Smudge Brush

  2. Angled Brush

  3. Concealer Brush

  4. Eye shadow Blending Brush

  5. Fluffy angled Crease Eye Shadow Brush



For a detailed review + to know how I use each brushes, check out my #youtube #channel for more details. β‡“

 Full Video Review of brushes

  Where can I buy this product??? 

Want to get the same 11 pc set bamboo brushes for $11.59? here is a direct link
*price may change overtime as the seller might add or decrease the original price just so you know* I hope you get the best price however.

β†’ $11. 59 currently http://amzn.to/2eC2U9r

β†’ or  $14.49 currently http://amzn.to/2iHOzOS

β‡’Note: The only complaint I have about buying these brushes is that they took WAY too long to arrive, almost a month in my case.
Happy buying!! I hope you like this post and if you buy the products comment below and let me know what you think.


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Amazon MakeUp Brush Set | $11.99
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